It's Official: TiVo to Go for Mac Right Now

TiVo to Go is out for the Mac, but support comes by way of Roxio's Toast version 8. Yes, the DVD/CD burning software. So now you can burn your shows to DVD, convert shows to iPod/PSP format, and watch em on your Mac. First 5,000 customers to pick up a copy get a free remote.

TiVo to Go for the Mac [TiVo]



hughjass -

The gist of it is that TiVo partnered with Roxio to make a version of Toast that provides TiVo-To-Go functionality for Mac. You buy the Roxio software, it talks to your TiVo and converts your videos to whatever format you want (iPod, DVD, PSP, etc). Looks like something went hinkey on Roxio's end because the TiVo page works but the Roxio one doesn't. Boooo!