iTunes 8 Windows Vista BSoD Quietly Fixed by Apple

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Apple's posted the solution for Vista users getting smacked in the face by a BSoD when they connect an iPod to iTunes 8: Uninstall iTunes and Mobile Device Support, restart, and then re-download. Wha? It looks like a crappy driver is to blame, so they've silently replaced it with an older version from iTunes 7.7 that won't kill your system. Try it, let us know if it works. [ZDNet]


Broken Machine

No probs on Vista or Mac. Well, no big problems like BSODs, memory leaks or otherwise fatal issues.

I went back to 7.7 though for both machines, the "improvements" are not at all what I need (more bloat), Genius recommendations are a joke (under Top Songs you are missing, all songs listed that ive checked are already in the Library, albeit NOT ripped in iTunes). The Album view mode is an improvement, but not worth it for me (I browse by songs).