J.J. Abrams Reveals Star Wars: Episode VII's Brand New X-Wing

The Episode VII director has released another video for Force for Change, the Lucasfilm-led charity organization, which is offering another chance to star in the new movie. But he's also made sure people pay attention by including the first look at the new design of Star Wars' iconic X-Wing, too.


Changes include a sleeker body, a smaller back-end, and a single engine on each double-wing that presumably splits with the wings themselves. I dig it, partially because it seems like a more organic evolution from the original trilogy's vehicle than the prequels managed, but also because it has that dirty, used, "real-world" look that was so important to making the movies feel so real.

Also: Mouse Droid!

[Via Jedi Insider]



Are we sure that's not a Z95 Headhunter?