Jackass: Ten Years of Stupid for iPad Is Infinite Years of Fun

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Jackass: Ten Years of Stupid for iPad is a behind the scenes look of the biggest Jackasses we know: Knoxville, Steve-O, Pontius, Wee-Man, etc. There's video clips, gross photos, and essays on the entire history of Jackass. I love it.

They've released a book by the same name but the iPad app is more interactive and great for any Jackass fan (and I'm a huge lover of the Jackass). It's awesome to re-watch some of the epic skits, look back on the history and see the creative—yeah, I said creative—process behind the show. The Jackass guys are smart! The Jackass guys are good! Of course, an app about them would be good.

There's also two dead simple games included in the app: Knoxville Launch, which is like an Angry Birds-esque game with Knoxville as the Angry Bird and Bull's Revenge where you play a bull and toss Knoxville in the air. The app is split into three sections and you swipe horizontally to move on. But! Some of the text is a bit hard to read cause of the background and there are a few times you're not exactly sure what is exactly 'clickable'. In any case, if you love Jackass, you'll love this app. If you thought Jackass was the dumbest thing ever, well then you, my friend, are the real jackass. $5 [iTunes]

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My butt was briefly in a scene in Jackass, back in 2000. :P