James Brown Does Monterey, Super Heroes Super Fail, and WTF Is a Hurricane Bong?

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James Brown - Monterey California 1979

In which he does The Robot, sweats a lot, and rocks the f*ck out. You can pick up the DVD version of this performance, "Body Heat", on Amazon for like $5. I suggest you do so.


Watch Super Heroes Super Fail

What? Everybody has an off day now and again—even Wolverine.


Plasma Lights Burn Like the Sun to Grow Better for Buds

You've already got your pick between MH, HPS, and LED lighting systems for your grow room—now you can add LEPs (Light Emitting Plasma) to that list.


According to Marijuana.com:

Light emitting plasma is a gas and metal halide mixture that becomes heated, once activated, through an electrical field inside a very tiny little glass bulb. Once heated all the way, the gas and metal halide mixture, combined with the electrical field, creates a plasma state within the bulb in which an extremely bright light is produced. This bright light that is produced is said to be the latest technology to more closely mimic the sun in comparison to any other type of light fixture.


The new lights also consume just half of what HPS and MH fixtures do and last 50,000 hours—three times as long—as conventional ballast setups. They're new to market so expect the bulbs to be expensive and difficult to acquire for a bit until the technology further penetrates the market. [Marijuana]

WTF Is a Hurricane Bong

Dang, these are actually pretty slick. They spin the rising vapor hard enough to separate tar from the smoke through centrifugal force. Has anybody smoked out of one of these? If so, let us know in the comments.


Yes, this an allegory for having the munchies.