Japanese Cellphones Control This Giant Billboard Video Game

Nikkei has a post about Toshiba's new Digital Billboard in Tokyo's Akihabara district, where passerbys can dial up a number and connect to an interactive game which is displayed on the giant sign.

Cellphone gamers square off against other players connected through Toshiba's Youtube channel. The number keys are used to control a paintbrush, and the goal is to cover squares on the grid in paint while searching for the Toshiba mascot.

The game was created as a marketing ploy to show that the billboards could relay data from the internet in real time. And while the game isn't the most exciting thing in the world, the idea that you could randomly walk by and interact with it is very exciting. [Nikkei via Pink Tentacle via Dvice]

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Juan Velazquez

Jeje Xbox 360. I wish the US would take such approaches to technology. Cept maybe for that underage porn train crap.