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A Japanese company, Sosu, has recently revealed healthy cigarettes, rechargeable battery-powered butts that emit flavored steam, complete with glowing LED lights. Unfortunately these cigarettes won’t actually help with those nicotine—you know, the addictive part—cravings.


The Mismo cigarette comes from Sosu's 'Nicolestyle' (or "Nicotine-less Style") line of products. Nicotine-free and tar-free, the cigarettes ensure you get your essential nutrients such as CoQ10 and Vitamin C. Flavors come in mint and grapefruit, which lay in cartridges that cost about $10 each and last for 300 inhales. For about $126, you can at least look swanky and cultured (coughpretentiouscough) as you hang outside a high upscale Euro club. I guess smoking is still pretty in—just this morning I swore I woke up and for a few hours I thought it was 1929. [Engrish]


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