Japanese Robot Hand Crushes Cans, Gives Dean Kamen the Finger

Researchers from the Tokyo Institute for Technology have developed the first bionic hand strong enough to crush a can. I know, it's surprising that all the robot hands we've seen before have been so weinerish, but now you know.

The above video might not be as impressive seeming as Dean Kamen's bionic arm, seeing as that was actually attached to a person and not sitting on a desk, but that video is all blurry and stuff. At least these guys are putting it all out there for us to judge.


Japan News Network [via Pink Tentacle]

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Quite unimpressive considering how easily a can can be squeezed from the side like that and I wouldn't call it crushed since it didn't do much more than dent it. I remember seeing thigs like this in the 80's. I remember seeing kits in the back of magazines that could do as much as this can.