It's only taken 45 years or so, but Doraemon — the robot-cat from the future who is often called Japan's equivalent of Mickey Mouse for eternal popularity — is finally coming to America, when Disney XD premieres the anime this summer.

One Doraemon anime TV series or another has petty much been airing constantly since 1973, and have been watched in countries around the world (the second anime series, which ran from 1978-2005, ended with 1787 episodes!). Unlike some anime series, there's not really much too Japanese or culturally inappropriate for American kids — it's a show for younger kids, featuring the robot cat and his friend Nobita going on weekly crazy adventures, with help from the gadgets in Doraemon's fourth-dimensional pocket — it's just never been imported here before. Given what a powerhouse franchise Doraemon is in Japan, it may have taken someone like Disney to be able afford the license.


Now we just need someone to import the Toyota commercials where Jean Reno stars as Doraemon...

[Via Rocket News 24]