Java Phone: Sun Microsystems and Samsung May Be Developing Cheaper iPhone Alternative

Rumor has it that Sun Microsystems and Samsung are jointly developing a "Java Phone" that is cheaper and more feature rich than Apple's iPhone. Details are scarce, but a Samsung spokesperson confirmed that a meeting has taken place between the two companies regarding the phone, but the details of that conversation have not been made public. Rumors are rumors, but if true, it would take a lot of convincing to prove that a Java UI could come anywhere near Apple in terms of execution. That having been said, could JavaFX be involved? [iht via Justamp]



Jeff, if they can sell more devices theres really no reason not too. even if device B steals some customers from device A, as long as you are selling as much or more it makes sense. I'm willing to bet they would make more money selling a deivce they manufacture than selling a few chips to apple to package.

check out the yp-p2 for a start on what samsung could bring to the table.