Jay Leno Uses 3D Printer to Replace Rare Old Car Parts

Illustration for article titled Jay Leno Uses 3D Printer to Replace Rare Old Car Parts

What do you do when you have a passion for rare old cars and one irreplaceable part breaks? If you are a stand-up comedian who looks like a T-Mobile Android G1, you scan it and print a new one.


That's exactly what Jay Leno does: He scans the part in a NextEngine 3D Scanner in about 20 minutes at a 160,000 dots per inch resolution. Then he prints the resulting 3D model in plastic using a Dimension 3D Printer. It takes three hours to get the plastic model, which then he uses it to create a mold that will produce the actual car piece in metal.

You can read more about the process in Jay's own words at Popular Mechanics. [Popular Mechanics]

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I wonder if they could just eliminate the middle-man and run the scan directly into a CNC machine? Jay probably has the $100,000 needed for a metal fabricating machine somewhere near the bottom of his pockets.