Jellyfish Cocktail: Japanese Pet

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For all of you who sit at your desks thinking, 'You know what this desk needs? Some goddamn jellyfish, that's what,' comes Japanese company Banpresto with some goddamn jellyfish thing. Banpresto's "Sea Cocktail" (great name for a product which you should under no circumstances drink) takes the form of a 11.7-inch tall monolith-like fish tank, illuminated by a series of colour-changing LED lights. With real jellyfish floating around inside.

This is yet another in the recent spate of low-maintenance pets that are becoming a kind of mini craze in Japan, such as the Scarlet Shrimp tank that I have on my desk. The Sea Cocktail however, is aimed firmly at the higher end of the market what with it's 14,000-yen ($120) price tag, making it more of an executive toy or interior design piece and certainly has the power to transform any office into an underwater-themed war-room, oozing with a kind of vintage 1960s sexual charisma.


Banpresto Sea Cocktail [Product Page]

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