I'm not normally an emotions sorta person when it comes to music โ€” sure, I listen to stuff basically 24/7, but normally to block out distractions (or because Taylor Swift is hella catchy). There's not many songs I've listened to on repeat because the emotions get to me, but John Mayer's cover of Free Fallin' is number one on that list.

The song โ€” originally by Tom Petty โ€” is the short, soulful tale of a guy who ups sticks and leaves his small-town girlfriend for big-world dreams (but obviously doesn't make it). It quintessentially captures the essence of being the bad guy in the relationship, knowing you're the bad guy, and still doing it, because you're a selfish jerk.


Mayer's cover is sung live on stage, in total darkness, just three acoustic guitars and the vocals. It's music at its purest, nothing to cover up or hide behind, which is really the point of the story: facing up to your own flaws.