John Romano, Get Off My Speakers

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Here's a bit of weirdness for you on a Friday afternoon. I was setting up a set of Dell monitor-attached speakers just now, hooking it up to a Dell monitor and a PowerBook. Everything connected fine, but then I discovered that if I turned the volume knob all the way up on the speakers, U2 would come on. That's weird, I thought, since I didn't even have that song.

So then what happened?

Well, I thought I could have either had iTunes accidentally open, or had my FireFox stuck on some 16-year-old broad's MySpace page. But after closing down all my apps, one by one, I could still hear Bono droning on and on about Jesus or Africa or whatever. Curiouser.


Well, it MUST be FM radio, I reasoned. So I let the song finish, and some guy named John Romano came on and said it was the Best of Los Angeles podcast. WTF? Was my Mac playing podcasts all by itself now? When did I install that firmware update? Luckily it wasn't, since ol' John said the podcast was being streamed live on KYOU San Francisco—some local station I'd never heard of, which was actually an AM station dedicated to open source and podcasts. Mystery solved.

On a similar note, a buddy of mine had a a guitar amp that would only pick up Christian talk radio in a specific venue. Do readers have a similar tale?

Podcast Home [Johnny Rome]

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