Jon Favreau's Mandalorian Battle Debut In Star Wars Clone Wars

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Jon Favreau gets to voice possibly the best new character in the Star Wars mythology, a no-nonsense killing machine Mandalorian. Can Favreau pull off badass in the new Clone Wars episodes? This is the guy behind Iron Man, after all.

Favreau voices the leader of the Mandalorians and wields an ancient light saber, stolen from the Knights of the Old Republic (RPG plug).

Here's the synopsis:

Nearly wiped out by the Jedi Knights in a long-ago war, deadly Mandalorian warriors emerge from the shadows to exact cold revenge upon their peace-seeking rivals. Cloaked in mystery and hardened by memories of their bitter defeat, they are fueled by a collective desire to reclaim the glory of Mandalore – no matter the cost. Pitting skill and determination against the power of the Force, "The Mandalore Plot," launches an epic, three-part clash that could turn the tide of the war itself.


"The Mandalore Plot" begins its three-part series tonight on Cartoon Network.