Jon Stewart Tears Down Foxconn

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Foxconn, Apple's manufacturer of things you likely own and Chinese despair, was last night's corporate target on The Daily Show. It's funny! But then it alternates between funny and Oh wait, this is true and awful. But then funny again!


It's nothing you haven't heard before—Foxconn work conditions are awful and we should all feel a little guilty for using iPhones—but it's nothing we shouldn't be reminded of regularly. [Comedy Central via AllThingsD]



Free Trade! woohoo! but on the real, if Foxconn wasn't there what would those people be doing? They would in all likelihood be mining coal or farming rice. Foxconn is nothing, and I mean nothing, compared to Chinese coal mines. A few years ago National Geographic did a report stating 16 people a day died in Chinese coal mines, in the States we lose 16 a year.