JooJoo 2 Coming Early 2011 With an Android-ish Brain

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The guys at JooJoo—you know, the tablet that was once made with TechCrunch but then had a falling out—want you to know two things: They're still alive, and there's a new JooJoo tablet coming next year.

First, the new JooJoo. It's going to be based on Android, but not be an Android tablet, meaning it might not have access to the Android Marketplace. The guys tell me they're currently in talks, but from what I've heard in the past from Google, there's a very strict guideline as to how devices have to be constructed in order to get access to the Marketplace.

But, they say they're taking Android's brains and optimizing it for what they think the tablet market needs now. One example they gave was taking all the different messaging services, like Gmail and Facebook messages and so forth, and unifying it into one interface.


They didn't go into many more details, but they did say that once the new device is out, they're no longer going to be making the old JooJoo. Supporting, yes, but making, no. Also, they said they're going to be a multiple-device company, and since they're discontinuing the old one, it makes sense that there will be more than one new device.

As for the legal stuff, well, they say it doesn't impact them on a day-to-day basis and they're churning forth and expanding their business to make the next JooJoo better. And they say that their sales are lower than expected, but that they're doing alright in Europe and Asia.