Joss Whedon's Avengers 2 already has seven incredible moments. Plus a major X-Men: Days of Future Past hint!

Image for article titled Joss Whedon's Avengers 2 already has seven incredible moments. Plus a major X-Men: Days of Future Past hint!

X-Men: Days of Future Past is jumping ahead in time in more ways than one. LucasFilm head Kathleen Kennedy confirms that Star Wars: Episode VII might not come out in 2015 after all. Robert Downey, Jr. explains why his Iron Man 3 injury was a good thing. Steven Moffat offers a lightning-fast Doctor Who preview. Plus the first photos of Jodie Foster's villain in Elysium and of Amy Adams as Lois Lane in Man of Steel!


Spoilers from here on out!

Top image from Star Trek Into Darkness.

Star Wars: Episode VII

New LucasFilm president Kathleen Kennedy explains how she convinced J.J. Abrams to direct the film and seems to confirm that the 2015 release date is no longer set in stone:

"We spent a lot of time talking about how meaningful Star Wars is and the depth of the mythology that George has created and how we carry that into the next chapter. If there was any pause on J.J.'s part, it was the same pause everybody has — including myself — stepping into this. ... Which is, it's daunting. Our goal is to move as quickly as we can, and we'll see what happens," explained Kennedy. "The timetable we care about is getting the story."

[The Hollywood Reporter]

Star Trek Into Darkness

Here's a new behind-the-scenes featurette.

The Avengers 2

Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige reveals that, yeah, Joss Whedon has some pretty good ideas for the sequel:

"It's still early days, but I told [Whedon] after reading the first sketch outline he delivered - and there's a lot of work still to do, he has to sit down and turn this into a movie - but there are already seven things in there that are worth the price of admission alone."

[MTV Splash Page]

Iron Man 3

Here's a teaser for the promo that will air during the Super Bowl. [Coming Soon]

In the latest installment of his week-long interview, star Robert Downey, Jr. discusses how Ben Kingsley's turn as the villainous Mandarin might be the best part of the movie:

Sir Ben is probably going to steal the movie. There are a lot of contenders who may, but right now he's probably at the top of that list. He came in as, obviously – speaking of training – as such a technically proficient instrument. And then what proceeded to happen was the release of more vintage, old-school Favreau [improv] stuff with a Shane Black twist on it. It was kind of frightening to witness, I'll tell you that much.


He also explains how his on-set ankle injury actually helped make the film better:

I busted my ankle [in August] and we shut down for a little while, and it ended up being great for us. It was the first time [on any movie] in my personal history we got the creative luxury of being able to stop about two-thirds of the way through and really recalibrate everything and prepare for all of the hurdles ahead. And the mainstay of the Ben/Mandarin was kind of up next and straight away throughout, and then lots of Rhodey stuff and lots of fight stuff.



X-Men: Days of Future Past

A casting notice for Bryan Singer's latest X-Men movie has surfaced in Montreal and, assuming it's genuine, it reveals a major clue about the movie's setting. The notice states that the film is set in 1973, making it more than ten years after the events of X-Men: First Class. Among other things, that likely means the John F. Kennedy assassination subplot mentioned in early discussions probably didn't make it through to the final story. It also might be used to explain away any cast changes. Check out the link for a look at the casting notice. [Comic Book Movie]


Man of Steel

Image for article titled Joss Whedon's Avengers 2 already has seven incredible moments. Plus a major X-Men: Days of Future Past hint!

Here's the first official image — which is black and white, for reasons that probably don't make much sense — of Amy Adams as Lois Lane. [Spinoff Online]


Here are the first images of Jodie Foster as the villainous Secretary Rhodes in Neil Blomkamp's hard sci-fi followup to District 9. [Collider]


Warm Bodies

Director Jonathan Levine reveals his zombie influences in crafting this tale of undead romance:

Yeah, at the beginning we looked at a lot of movies and then we had a couple guys from Cirque de Soleil come help us out, because we were up in Montreal, and we had them do some work with our core group of stunt zombies. And we taped it just to get the movement right, because we didn't want it to look like "Thriller" or something like that. We wanted it to be kind of reminiscent of Romero, but we wanted it to feel like its own kind of thing, too.

I think this movie fits snugly in between Dawn and Shaun of the Dead.
I'm glad to hear you say that! I hope that zombie fans feel the same way. I know there are going to be people who are resistant to the idea. But for me it came from a place of love. not only for the Romero movies - Shaun of the Dead, Zombieland and Fido and Dead Alive, all these movies that are pushing the mythology in new directions for both comedic reasons and to reflect something about our culture back to us, which is what zombies have always been about.


He also explains how The Daily Show and Children's Hospital funnyman Rob Corddry came to be cast in the relatively serious role of the zombie M:

You know, the Rob thing is that he came in and auditioned! Which I was shocked that he did! And he just made me feel for that character, which I felt was so impressive. I think there's a lot of humor to Rob's role, as well, but at the heart of it is. He really finds the sadness in this guy. I have to give him credit for a lot of the funnier moments in the movie, too, because a lot of them he just made up. Like the fact that he's sitting at a bar when you first meet him - that was his idea.

That's one of my favorite scenes in the film. And I have to admit I was wondering the whole time, "What did this look like in the script? Just, ‘Rob grunts. Nick Grunts. Rinse, repeat'"? Or were there actual scripted lines that they then had to act out in grunts?
No, they started to have their own conversation in grunts. I think they were having a conversation about something either both of them knew what they were talking about. or one of them was having one conversation and the other was having a different conversation. But I think in the script it basically said they kind of just grunt at each other.


There's a ton more at the link. [Spinoff Online]

Jack the Giant Slayer

Here are three TV spots for Bryan Singer's fairy tale reimagining. [Comic Book Movie]

And here's a pair of posters. [Coming Soon]

Evil Dead

Executive producer and original series star Bruce Campbell has tweeted that the reboot is opening one week earlier, on April 5. [First Showing]


Doctor Who

Steven Moffat offers a brisk preview of the rest of series seven:

"We'll be up in the air, we're under the water, we're on a fantastic alien planet, we're back in time, we're forward in time, and the Doctor's greatest secret is in jeopardy."


He also talks briefly about the fiftieth anniversary special:

"[It will be] pretty big. But, you know, I don't want people to get bored just yet. So let's just wait and get our next eight episodes out of the way before we start talking about it."


[Radio Times]

The Walking Dead

Executive producer Greg Nicotero drops another hint about what's ahead in the second half of season three:

"It's very possible there might be another attack on Woodbury. We've established the conflict between the Governor and Rick and we'll explore that a lot more in the second half."


However, as noted at the link, "not everyone will make it back to the prison" after such an attack. [TV Guide]

Retired Pittsburgh Steelers star Hines Ward will follow up his dramatic debut as the sole football player who outruns Bane's deathtrap in The Dark Knight Rises by playing a zombie in an upcoming episode. [SpoilerTV]


Once Upon a Time

Episode seventeen will reportedly be called "Welcome to Storybooke." [SpoilerTV]

The Vampire Diaries

Here are some promo photos for next Thursday's episode, "Into the Wild." [BuddyTV]


And here are some for the following episode, "Down the Rabbit Hole." [KSiteTV]

Being Human (UK)

Here's a description for the second episode of series five:

Tom and Hal go head-to-head in the hotel's Employee of the Month competition, much to the delight of Captain Hatch, who feeds on werewolf/vampire conflict. In the supernatural archive, Mr Rook is hatching a devious scheme to save his department, one that involves newly made vampire Crumb.



Being Human (US)

Here's a promo for next Monday's episode and the fourth overall, "I'm So Lonesome I Could Die."

And here are brief descriptions for the subsequent three episodes:

Episode 3.05 - Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Mouth
Liam tries to pit Josh and Nora against Aidan; Sally gets closer with Max; Kenny suspects that Aidan may be a vampire.

Episode 3.06 - What's Blood Got to Do With It
Sally tries to make things right after she encounters someone from her past; Kenny spurs Aidan's memories.

Episode 3.07 - One is Silver and the Other Pagan
Josh reconnects with Emily; Aidan's blood supply is jeopardized; Sally gets in touch with a friend from her past.



Beauty and the Beast

Star Jay Ryan teases Vincent's first encounter with Cat's family:

"Heather has got herself in with a bad crowd and so Vincent has to save her life. In doing so, he mistakenly kills someone very close to one of our series regular cast members. It's going to have the whole city after this guy because they think he wrongfully killed this man."


Additional reporting by Amanda Yesilbas and Charlie Jane Anders.




Anyone else getting tired or Amy Adams? I haven't seen too many of her movies even, but I feel like cinema is getting overflooded with her, and she always looks/sounds the same, so it just feels like its Amy Adams, rather than some character played by Amy Adams. Anyone else?? Am I just a bitter hater?