For many of us, memes (both dank and otherwise) are one of the primary draws of going online, a small glimmer of light in the shadow universe that is the world wide web. This week, however, one Judge Judy plaintiff swore under penalty of TV perjury that she had nothing to do with memes—or, by her own telling, “meemees.”

“This is a meemee,” testified 30-year-old Mary Francese. “I did not start this meemee. I did not make this meemee. And I did not share this meme.”


Screencap: CBS. The “meemee” in question.

Thankfully, the honorable Judy rightly shot down the suggestion that Francese was somehow responsible for the meemee as it “had to come from somewhere.”


“Well, yeah,” said Judy. “Everything came from somewhere,” an observation that captures much of the beauty and mystery of the things we find online.