Illustration for article titled Jumping From Space into Your Suitcase-Stored Prius Apparently Possible Soon

Apparently, according to Toyota, in the next few years a new feature for the Prius will be that it can fold itself up into a suitcase. That's not all! It'll be able to be unfolded into a car while you're jumping from space. You can then get into your space Prius and land on one of those sky-based tube highways that I guess they're constructing somewhere. Sounds awesome! Wait, what?

Call me crazy, but shouldn't car commercials advertise real features of a car rather than invented features? I get that they want you to think Toyota is thinking of the future, but clearly this isn't the real future. Why don't you focus on making a hydrogen engine that people can afford and leave the special effects to the pros, mmkay? [NotCot]


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