Just Light This Cardboard Cube For a Perfect Bed of Hot Coals

Illustration for article titled Just Light This Cardboard Cube For a Perfect Bed of Hot Coals

The perfectly grilled steak starts with a perfect bed of coals. And instead of drenching your charcoal briquettes in lighter fluid to ensure they light, this simple cardboard Grill Cube promises a piping hot BBQ in about ten minutes.


Using it is as easy as lighting a cardboard wick on the bottom of the box, placing it in your barbecue, and then giving it enough time for the cardboard to completely burn away leaving you nothing but hot coals. The box itself has been specially designed with an air flue so it doesn't burn itself out before the coals are ready, and once it's time to grill you'll have about thirty minutes of heat to cook with.

Because they're free of flammable chemicals the Grill Cubes can even be safely stored indoors, and it goes without saying they're also easy to stack. We just hope they settle on a price and actually put them up for sale before the summer comes and goes. [Grill Cube]


I never have problems using a chimney and a paper bag from the grocery store. Even the electric chimneys Ive* used worked pretty well. Seems unnecessary

*please excuse my lack of punctuation, my keyboard is missing the apostrophe and quotation key