"Just War" Re-Edit Makes 1983 Soviet Anti-War Film Relevant Again

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Filmmaker Torrey Meeks took a 30-year-old stop-motion animation and re-jiggerd it into a fresh statement by taking the film, editing it, and setting it to a folk track.

Konflikt, the 1983 Soviet anti-war short, was created by Garri Bardin, a Russian director, screenwriter, producer, and animator. In it, crews of matches play little soldiers battling against each other, with their dueling blue and green heads appearing as helmets until they're inevitably ignited.


A song called "Just War," serves as the backdrop for the tiny incendiary skirmish. With vocals by Welsh crooner Gruff Rhys, the track came from the 2009 collaboration Dark Night of the Soul from Danger Mouse and Sparklehorse. This video originally appeared three years ago, while we were still very much in the thick of the Iraq war. Now that the conflict is over, taking it in again makes for a compelling retrospective. [Like Cool]