JVC Gets the Hang of Networking; Embraces DivX

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JVC today introduced its Sophisti DD-3 system, two D's for a double dose of digital pimpin'. It's a 3.1 home theater in a box, with a DVD player, subwoofer and three speakers. The front left and right speakers do a virtual surround thing so you don't need two in the rear, says JVC. (Home theater nerds can feel free to argue about this fact for hours.)

More importantly, the $1,000 system has both Ethernet and USB jacks "allowing retrieval of music files, movies, digital images and other digital files stored on the computer." JVC says the Sophisti can connect directly to a computer, or to multiple ones via a network. You can also connect a camera or music player through the USB jack to enjoy photos (on your TV) and music. Though the press release didn't mention anything about codecs, JVC just told us that the Sophisti supports the following:


Yes, DivX. When we get our hands on a unit, we'll let you know how it all works out. One final note: In the product shot above, you may see something that looks like a bundled CRT monitor. It's a subwoofer, artfully placed by an unwitting photographer in the most misleading of positions.


New JVC Home Theater System Plays Music, Video and Image Files From a PC [JVC]

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I am much more interested in the Philips unit. Yes, no networking and one speaker less, but considering the success and recognition of the DVP642 and the DVP5960 and a price of around $250, I can forgo those features easily.

More so, my DVP5960 has read any type of video file I've thrown at in, and recognized at least 4 different subtitle files.

So, for $750 less, I get USB, 2 speakers and a subwoofer, DIVX Ultra, most likely as easily hacked as Philips' other DVD players, AUX input, and upconversion to 1080i.

No networking and one speaker less? No problem.