JVC's New Headphones Have Wooden Housings, Cost $730

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Victor JVC just announced the new HP-DX700 headphones, and they look beautiful. Also, they look expensive, because they are really fucking expensive.


The cans have wooden housing for improved sound quality. They operage in a 5Hz to 30kHz frequency, feature 64Ω impedance, an overpressure value of 101dB/mW and support a maximum input of 1,500mW. The whole package weighs in at about 13.5 ounces, which means they'll cost you about $54 per ounce when they go on sale in Japan next month. Worth it? [Engadget]


Not to be that guy that's like "Oh, look what I have", but guys, honestly, if you're looking for headphones in this price range, Grado headphones is a company who's website you owe it to yourself to spend 5 minutes on.

They have sort of 3 "really top-end" headphones:

The Reference Series:

- The RS-2 (600-700 dollars, I think)

- The RS-1 (more betterer than the RS-2's, ~750 dollars)

The Statement Series:

- The GS1000's (~1000 dollars)

I have the last, because that's what I was into at the time. Reputable review sources and periodicals were calling them potentially the best headphones in the world.

And they're also made of wood. You can drive them even off an iPod Nano and they sound soooo gorgeous, like you're hearing everything you could possibly get from the music.