Illustration for article titled KaleidoVid Is a Fun Video Kaleidoscope For the iPhone

Kaleidoscopes: Fun for five minutes when you were a kid until you discover the joy of the opposite gender. KaleidoVid, however, is fun for considerably longer, because it involves your phone!

Here's how you work the app, which isn't immediately obvious from the screenshots. You hold it up to anything—like a camera—and the app will take what your phone sees and turn it kaleidoscopy. Tap the screen to freeze the thing and save it to your photos, or immediately tweet/Facebook it.


The top photos are me, making some images from 24. Jack Bauer scoped is still pretty bad ass.

In any case, there's no "point" to the app other than it's pretty neat and gives you something to kill the time, which is fine for a $0.99 app. [iTunes]

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