Kanye West: Home

If you're a Kanye fan, you probably know the song Homecoming, a 2007 track that included a cameo by Coldplay's Chris Martin. That song is fine and everything, but the original it borrows from—called Home—is the real gem.


Home is peak young Kanye, rapping over a homemade beat full of warmth and nostalgia and John Legend. It's great production, but the best thing about it is the sweet metaphor Kanye weaves through the track. He poses his hometown, Chicago, as a girl named Windy—whom he ends up leaving to pursue his career:

She never mess with entertainers cause they always leave

She said it felt like they walked and drove on me

Knew I was gang affiliated got on TV and told on me

I guess it's why last winter she got so cold on me

She said, Ye keep making that, keep making that platinum and gold for me

But if you really cared for her

Then you would have never hit the airport and followed your dreams

Sometimes I still talk to her

But when I talk to her it always seem like she talkin bout me

She said you left ya kids and they just like you

They wanna rap and make soul beats just like you

But they just not you

Aww. As Rap Genius explains, the song—which heralds from roughly 2003—was intended for Kanye's first album, College Dropout, but didn't make it onto the final cut because of a leak that sparked a reshuffling of tracks. It's a shame.


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Wow, I'd never heard this track. It's great...I love Kanye as an artist and find it fascinating that no two of his albums sound alike. Hell, I even love his public persona and think it's has a really interesting symbiotic relationship with his music. Really looking forward to Yeezus 2!