Karen Gillan reveals secrets of Amy Pond's future on Doctor Who!

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Karen Gillan explains what's ahead for Amy Pond, and what she wants to see from her character's eventual departure. Plus the show is leaving the UK again for some overseas filming, and a beloved character who was introduced last season might return!


All that plus star Jane Levy reveals what to expect from the Evil Dead reboot.

Three new casting updates for the Ender's Game adaptation.

The sequel to Red might be directed by the man behind a beloved cult classic.

True Blood casts its youngest, most powerful vampire yet.

Spoilers from here on out!

Top image from Doctor Who.

The Avengers

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Here's new a promo photo of Clark Gregg as Agent Coulson and Chris Hemsworth as Thor. [Heat Vision]

Ender's Game

Nonso Anozie, a costar in Liam Neeson's existential wolf-punching movie The Grey, has reportedly been cast as Sergeant Dap. Joyful Noise actor Stevie Ray Dallimore and The Gates actress Andrea Powell have also reportedly been cast as Ender Wiggin's parents. [Deadline]

Evil Dead Reboot

Suburgatory star Jane Levy, who was recently cast as the star of Fede Alvarez's reboot, discusses the movie:

"I'm so excited. I'm a big fan of the original. To me it's the scariest movie, ever. But this one is really different. They've changed it a lot, but it's still a pretty gory movie. My mom probably can't see it. As for the tone, I think the humor in the first one came from the special effects of the time. I don't know that they meant it to be funny...this one is not funny. It's definitely dark."


Also, when asked about the possible return of evil trees, original star Bruce Campbell confirmed that the trees would be back and "they're not terribly well-behaved this time either." [The Insider]

Snow White and the Huntsman

Star Kristen Stewart compares her gritty take on Snow White to her Twilight character:

"They both come to find that they're leaders. That's definitely a similarity. Both of them are sort of a little more intuitive and spiritually, for whatever reason, connected, and their gut is always sort of dead right."


She also explains how her warrior costume informed her performance:

"That's the first thing you wanna do is, ‘ahhh!' [Pounds her chest and screams like Tarzan.] And [the dress underneath] is so wearable. I also have puffy sleeves. Somehow she manages to make puffy sleeves look butch."


[Hollywood Life]

Red 2

Galaxy Quest director Dean Parisot is reportedly in final negotiations to direct the sequel to 2010's geriatric assassins movie — well, inasmuch as expected returning cast members Bruce Willis, Helen Mirren, John Malkovich, and Morgan Freeman can really be considered "geriatric." This would be Parisot's first directing gig since 2005's Fun with Dick and Jane. [Heat Vision]


Elric of Melniboné

Paul Weitz gave an update on his long-simmering plans to adapt Michael Moorcock's hard-edged fantasy character with his brother and About a Boy co-director Chris Weitz:

"We wrote a very edgy script that was true to the anarchic spirit of the book, and then we had a heck of a time getting it made. We'll probably take another run at it if we're able to. It was certainly a dream come true to hang out with Michael Moorcock, who is one of our heroes. It's an utter anti-hero, and I believe that part of the book was a response to Tolkien, because Moorcock looked at that as sort of a hymn to the squireocracy and the class system in England, and this is a complete rock and roll nihilist anti-hero. I hope the movie gets made in proper fashion."


[Coming Soon]

Doctor Who

There's a lot of new info out on the coming seventh season, which begins filming today. First of all, Karen Gillan says she can't reveal which episode she (and presumably Arthur Darvill as well) leaves the show for good, but she does promise all the episodes she's in are "damn good" and "so exciting", and that her departure is "the best ever." Possibly building on that, she reveals what she wants to see in Amy's exit:

I want to see her go with everything that she wants, because initially, when we met her, she was just seeking what she wants, you know what I mean? And she was kind of in this lost, transitional period, where she didn't have a stable life. So I just want to see her get what she wants.


She also says that she wants this to be "a final exit" and would prefer not to make cameos or other return appearances in the future. Finally, here's Gillan's explanation on how she and Moffat decided it was the right time for Amy to leave the show:

Actually, I called [executive producer/showrunner] Steven Moffat and arranged the dinner and then basically told him roughly when I wanted to go. He told me where the story was at and where it was going and then we kind of together came up with it. So it was really pleasant, actually. We had a lovely dinner and just kind of discussed what we both want and what's going to happen and then came to the decision. That was ages ago, so I've known for ages!

Why did you think it was getting to be the right time?
I wanted to go on a high. Also, Steven Moffat comes up with endless, amazing ideas anyway, but I wanted to make sure that I went on a high when the character was at her prime. There's just something quite nice and appealing about that to me. I don't know… It just felt right! I like to go on instinct.



Next up, Mexican actor Rob Cavezos is, according to his agents, about to head to Spain to play a character called Walter. This will be the show's first return to Spain since 1985's "The Two Doctors", which saw Colin Baker and Patrick Troughton battling some rather dodgy-looking Sontarans in Seville. This more or less confirmed report of international filming might well mean the end of the rumors that the show is headed to Australia, as it seems unlikely the show could afford two international filming locations in the same year. Although more on that in a moment... [Digital Spy]


Specifically, a report from the Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular held in Melbourne earlier this month reveals two interesting tidbits. Neither of these are confirmed, but Matt Smith reportedly mentioned in his prerecorded greeting that he was "looking forward to seeing you all down under very soon," or at least something to that effect. That could very easily just refer to an upcoming convention appearance or publicity tour, but it's certainly possible Smith was hinting at upcoming filming. Second, concert host Mark Sheppard reportedly implied he would be back in the coming season, presumably reprising his role as Canton Everett Delaware III, which would pretty much be the greatest thing ever. [Gallifrey Base]

We can probably expect to see a lot of these sorts of items in the next eighteen months, but Sylvester McCoy was asked about next year's 50th anniversary special, and he said he hasn't been approached about it. I'm just going to guess that even if any of the Doctors are eventually asked to return, they aren't going to actually say anything about it, which means we'll likely be seeing a whole lot of variations on the same basic denial. [Blogtor Who]



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Here's a promo photo for the next episode, "The End of All Things." [SpoilerTV]

And here's a promo for the episode.

True Blood

Young actor Jacob Hopkins has reportedly been cast as a nine-year old vampire who is a member of the powerful Vampire Authority. His character is Alexander Drew, described as "an impetuous vamp who likes to taunt those around him." [Live Feed]


The River

Here's a sneak peek from the next episode, "A Better Man."


Here are some promo images for episode eight, "Clarence Montgomery", which airs February 27. [KSiteTV]


Once Upon a Time

Here are some promo photos for the next episode and fourteenth overall, "Dreamy", which airs March 4. There's also the official description of the episode below. [Examiner]


"Dreamy" will reportedly see Emma investigating the disappearance of David's wife Kathryn. [The TV Addict]

And here's the description for episode fifteen, "Red-Handed", which airs March 11:

Red-Handed" - After quitting Granny's diner and with her self-esteem at an all-time low, Emma hires Ruby to be her assistant in order to help her discover what it is in life that she's good at; and Emma continues questioning David about the disappearance - and possible murder - of Kathryn. Meanwhile, in the fairytale land that was, Red Riding Hood yearns to run away with her true love. But she, along with her fellow townspeople, are virtual prisoners when a bloodthirsty wolf continues on its relentless killing spree.




Here's a description of the next episode and twelfth overall, "Last Grimm Standing", which goes out on February 24:

NICK AND HANK'S INVESTIGATION OF A TRAGIC MURDER LEADS TO A FIGHT CLUB UNLIKE ANY OTHER-A bizarre double homicide leads Nick (David Giuntoli) and Hank (Russell Hornsby) to a boxing gym, which Nick discovers is a supplier for a darker, ritualistic fight club in the creature world. When Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell) lends a hand and gets in over his head, Nick must dig deep and find his inner "Grimm" to defend him.



And here's the description for the thirteenth episode, "Three Coins in a Fuchsbau", which airs March 2:

THE SEARCH FOR A MURDER SUSPECT LEADS TO POWERFUL RARE COINS AND ANSWERS TO NICK'S PAST – TITUS WELLIVER GUEST STARS – A failed jewelry store robbery results in a murder that finds Nick (David Giuntoli) and Hank (Russell Hornsby) immersed in a hunt for rare coins. Nick soon learns that these coins have an unsettling effect on whoever possesses them, as Hank and Captain Renard (Sasha Roiz) begin to exhibit unusual behavior. Meanwhile, a mysterious old friend of Aunt Marie's (guest star Titus Welliver, "Lost") comes to Nick with information about his family and what led to his parent's death.



Finally, here's the description of episode fourteen, "Plumed Serpent", which airs March 9:

NICK'S LATEST CASE THREATENS HIS RELATIONSHIP WITH JULIETTE – DANIEL BALDWIN ( "HOMICIDE" ) AND DANIELLE PANABAKER ("FRIDAY THE 13TH") GUEST STAR - While investigating an arson-related homicide with Hank (Russell Hornsby), Nick (David Giuntoli) finds himself in the heated world of Portland fire-dancing where he meets a woman (guest star Danielle Panabaker) who might just be too hot to handle. With Monroe's (Silas Weir Mitchell) help, Nick will have to find out if he can investigate the case without getting himself or those close to him burned.



Being Human (US)

Here's a sneak peek for tonight's episode, "Mama Said There'd Be Decades Like This." [multipleverses.com]

Lost Girl

And here's a sneak peek for tonight's Syfy airing of the sixth episode of season one. [multipleverses.com]

Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Darth Maul is due to make his big return from apparent certain death in the upcoming season finale, but his original voice Peter Serafinowicz won't be voicing him for whatever reason. Instead, Being Human remake star and previous Clone Wars voice actor Sam Witwer will reportedly be taking over as the character. [MTV Geek News]


Additional reporting by Gordon Jackson and Charlie Jane Anders.




Anyone have opinions on Being Human (US or UK)? I've never seen either, but I'm afraid it'll end up being cheesy or directed to a younger crowd (I'm in my 40s).