Keep Your Cookbooks Clean With a Temporary Recipe Tattoo on Your Arm

The cookbooks I've used in my life have endured drippings, grease splatters, and one especially harrowingly bath in a pot of tomato soup. Let's face it, a big block of paper is an inconvenient thing to lug around the kitchen. But there's an ingenious little idea that puts tattoos in a perfectly convenient place to consult: your arm.

Roll up your sleeves for I Tradizionali, a collection of temporary tattoos created by Italian designers Marina Cinciripini and Sarah Richiuso. Like any old temporary tattoo, all you need is some water to make it stick to your arm.


The recipes themselves are drawn from traditional Italian cooking, including dishes such as grandmother artichokes and spaghetti with dried tomatoes and anchovies. They come in packets of four currently available for $14 each. It's a fun idea, but the catch is that they are, of course, temporary. So if you want wrist-mounted recipes you can reuse, you might need to try and find yourself some kind of washable recipe sleeve.

The illustrated instructions are undeniably cute—especially if you're going to keep the tattoo past dinner time—but they seem a little spare on the details. I'm always consulting recipes because I can't remember tablespoon or teaspoon, two cups or three. Perhaps I should just start writing on my arm. [I Tradizionali via Fast Company]


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