Keep Your Shoes, Take Lie Detector Test

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Leave it to the Israelis to come up with a new way to check for terrorists. In addition to dropping your lighters in baskets and being scanned for knives, next time you fly you may be subjected to a walk-through airport lie detector test from the GK-1 voice analyzer. Already tested in Russia, you'll be given a headset and asked several yes or no questions which will determine if you are indeed planning something "illegal." Of course, that could be stealing a pack of gum from the news stand, but we really shouldn't take chances, should we?

"In our trial, 500 passengers went through the test, and then each was subjected to full traditional searches," said chief executive officer Amir Liberman. "The one person found to be planning something illegal was the one who failed our test."


The GK-1 should run somewhere between $10,000-$30,000 and the claim is this test is "minimally invasive" with almost no physical contact required. Well, thank God for that!

Lie detectors - the last word in airline security? [Reuters]

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