Ken Bone Is Getting Drunk and Tweeting Through the State of the Union

Image: AP
Image: AP

Ken Bone has logged on, and for a guy who has pounded three beers in under 20 minutes, he’s making some reasonable points.


The Ignatius J. Reilly lookalike who rose to memedom as an undecided question-asker during the 2016 presidential debates—only to fall from grace after his Reddit history revealed more than anyone needed to know about his sexual predilections—tweeted a drinking game of his own creation at the outset of Trump’s first State of the Union. He appears to be playing.

While he live-tweets through a speech which manages to be simultaneously horrifying and milquetoast, Trump happened to tap into an area Bone has some expertise in.

“We have ended the war on American energy,” Trump claimed. “And we have ended the war on beautiful, clean coal.”

Sure, you can read a political analysis that will explain our net coal exports are projected to fall, that the coal industry is dying, and that all Trump has really done is repeal a number of important environmental regulations. But just for a moment, let’s listen to the guy slamming beers in the red sweater:

Thanks, Ken. Keep up the good work.

Update: Ken won his drinking game.


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I’m sure I’m not the only one not watching.

I do not want to die of alcohol poisoning.