Kevin Feige's New Marvel Title Signals Major Changes for Its Corporate Structure

Kevin Feige at San Diego Comic-Con.
Kevin Feige at San Diego Comic-Con.
Image: Alberto E. Rodriguez (Getty Image)

With the launch of Disney’s new streaming platform right around the corner, there’s been a bit of a structural change over at the House of Mouse. It signals that the studio is nothing but serious about trying to ensure the platform’s success. After shepherding Marvel’s cinematic universe, Kevin Feige’s now taking on even more responsibilities realizing the company’s various productions.


As if Feige wasn’t already busy enough, Deadline reports that going forward, he will act as Marvel’s chief creative officer and lead all of Marvel’s film and television projects, meaning that both big and small screen productions will all be overseen by the same man—whether they are live-action, animation, streaming, or on network TV. The report did not mention how the change would impact the comics wing of Marvel, which is still operated by editor-in-chief C.B. Cebulski—and while it mentioned the recent news of Feige working on a Star Wars project, it didn’t seem to have anything new to add there.

Other corporate power players like Marvel Entertainment chairman Ike Permutter and president Dan Buckley still work at the company, but Feige’s new role is a reflection of the prominence he’s taken on at Marvel now that the studio’s third phase of films over and done with. Deadline says, “Feige continues to report to Walt Disney Co-Chairman and Chief Creative Officer Alan Horn and Co-Chairman Alan Bergman,” while THR adds, “It is unclear what this new structure means for Marvel’s current head of TV, Jeph Loeb.”

The trade adds, “Buckley will have a dual reporting structure going forward, Deadline hears. He will continue to oversee publishing creative/editorial and in that capacity he will now report to Feige. Buckley is also responsible for publishing operations, sales, creative services, games, licensing and events. There, he will report to Perlmutter. It is expected that Joe Quesada will remain a creative lead for of Marvel Entertainment, reporting to Buckley. It is expected that all the creative execs in publishing will report to Buckley.”

Disney+ isn’t just going to be the home for a number of new series set in the MCU; those stories are a big part of how the studio’s been trying to drive interest in the platform. Marvel knows that it can only churn out so many superhero movies in a single year before audiences get burned out, and Disney+ provides the perfect opportunity to give people another avenue back into the world the Avengers have saved over and over again.

Disney seems confident that the same vision that made Feige the ideal person to craft the MCU will continue to help make the fictional universe even more interesting in the future. Let’s hope that Feige’s got a plan to prove that’s very much the case.


Correction: A previous version of this story indicated that Feige’s new job change would not directly impact Marvel’s comics operations, but as Marvel Comics’ Editor-in-Chief reports to president Dan Buckley, who now reports to Feige, we’ve updated to clarify this situation. io9 regrets the error. 


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This basically means that Marvel TV — including Marvel shows on Hulu, Freeform, and ABC — are all under Feige as well, which might mean we will see more interactions between them and the Disney+ stuff or the movies.