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Keyspan's launching a cordless VoIP phone that works with both PCs and Macs that lets you enjoy the wonders of Skype all over the home and office (as if you couldn't before). Unlike recent, fancier Skype phones, Keyspan's doesn't feature Wi-Fi, so you can't just walk up to your local hot spot and start chatting.


The phone does support all the features that make Skype popular with the kids, including PC-to-PC calling and PC-to-Phone calling. With a talk time of 15 hours (and 1,200 hours in standby mode), you'll probably be able to go a few days without having to recharge the thing.


This rather bare-bones VoIP phone is powered by AAA batteries, but it's relatively low price—$79 from Keyspan's Web site—should dull the pain somewhat.

Product Page [Keyspan via Slashphone]

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