KFC Thailand Exploits Tsunami to Sell Terror Chicken on Facebook

What's the first thing you crave when you're afraid a tsunami might be headed straight for you? The safety of your family? Peace with God? How about fried chicken? KFC sure thought natural disaster was a great way to sell.

After an 8.6 magnitude oceanic earthquake yesterday, many in Thailand feared it'd be 2004 all over again. And for good reason! That's a very powerful quake, and it was right off of the coast. No tsunami surfaced, however—but something else did: a calm, reassuring Facebook message from KFC. Asking customers to buy chicken.

"Let's hurry home and follow the earthquake news. And don't forget to order your favorite KFC menu."


Yes, let's. This, in the midst of beach evacuations and panic—the perfect time to sell a bucket. Nothing goes better with crisis than grease and mashed potatoes. Actually that'd probably be a pretty great thing to be stuffing yourself with if you were about to be washed away into death's maw, but pretty screwed up advertising opportunism!

Naturally, KFC took to Facebook to apologize the same day, and even more naturally, deleted the post. Google translated mea culpa below:

The team knows what KFC Thailand Fanpage errors and display.I like the most.The improper use of the embassy.The space disasters occur to pay for KFC Thailand Fanpage team every spec.

As well hit it again.

Space disaster!?!? That makes it even worse! The lesson here is don't take advantage of widespread panic to sell food, and don't subscribe to KFC on Facebook in the first place. [WaPo]

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