Kids Hijack an Excavator, Cause Massive Damage at Mining Site

Boys will be boys? A 12-year-old and 9-year-old hopped into an excavator, drove it around a strip mining site and destroyed anything that got in their way. It got pretty bad. They flipped over a bulldozer, smashed windows and sprayed fire extinguishers at whatever they could find. The total damage the two boys caused is estimated to be $164,000.

This happened in Pennsylvania and the 12-year-old is facing a charge of felony criminal mischief while the 9-year-old was not charged because they are under the age of culpability for the crime, which is 10. It's unclear how the kids got to the site, if anyone was on site at the time and how it was discovered to be them. Man, those kids are terrors. And there not even teenagers yet! [AP]


Image Credit: Backhoe Excavator

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