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Kids Reacting to an Old Cassette Walkman Is Wonderful and Horrifying

Originally marketed in 1979, the first Sony Walkman turns 35 this year, and it's about as outmoded as a technology can be these days. That's why it's understandable that the kids in this delightful video, none of whom were alive in the 90s, have no idea how to use the thing. Or what it's for. They can't even conceive a world in which a Walkman is useful.


For those who weren't around back then, it's worth noting that the Walkman was one of the first truly mass-market personal consumer electronics. It was the iPhone of its day. But don't worry; you'll have your revenge 20 years from now when the tykes of tomorrow have no idea what a Facebook is. [Stereogum]

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Really cute. Man, time marches on. I grew up with 78 rpm records on a mechanical changer. Yes, I'm really that old.

Fun fact: record albums are called "albums" because in the olden times, a 12" 78 rpm disk held only 4-5 minutes of music. To accommodate longer pieces, records were sold in sets, in a binder that was a little like a photo album. You'd stack the disks on the changer and they'd drop one by one onto the turntable to be played. That way you could get maybe an hour of more or less continuous music. A few changers would even flip the record over so it could play both sides.