Killer Captured By Victim Just Before Fatal Shooting

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The man with the .45 handgun is Michael Gonzales. Just a second after this image was captured, he fired various shots against the man holding the camera. He was photographing his wife and daughter just hours before the New Year.


The victim was Caloocan City's councilman Reynaldo Dagsa, a 35-year old Philippine politician who was enjoying New Year's Eve with his family when three men arrived to kill him. His only fault, according to police officers Galvez and Santos, is that he was a man who worked hard in maintaining the peace and order in the area.

Obviously, he and his family didn't suspect this was about to happen. The photograph was just a tragic coincidence. It was the family who, after the events, took the image captured by the victim to the police, who quickly identified and apprehended Gonzales. The two other suspects are still at large, but at least it is good to see that the presence of technology everywhere helps to capture the bad ones. Sometimes, anyway. [Inquirer.Net]