Not content to just launch an encrypted file-sharing site, get stranded in the middle of nowhere, or claim to have the patent for two-step authentication, Internet dude Kim Dotcom is also apparently coming out with an album of dance music? Yeah.


It's not Dotcom's first foray into music. You might remember that star-studded MegaUpload song that was way, way catchier than it had any right to be. His verse in that is probably still the peak of his musical career, but this new jam is definitely...a song.

It's a bizarrely combative tune. Sure, it's not the first song to come with some "let me see your fucking hands"s or "get your ass out on the floor"s, but damned if these don't sound particularly and earnestly threatening; the enunciation on that f-bomb is crystal clear. Otherwise, it's no Daft Punk-style insta-classic, but it's not exactly unlistenable either. Oh and what the hell is up with that vocal fry? "Hands in the aiiiiiirrrrrr." What are you doing, man?


Whatever the case, I just hope that the classic Dotcom GIF makes it into the inevitable music video. By itself. On repeat. Forever. [Gizmodo France]

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