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Kindle 1.1 for iPhone Now Available

If you are into the whole book thing, go and download the latest update. It's worth it.

• Read in portrait or landscape mode
• Pinch to zoom images in books
• Select alternate background and text colors to improve
reading comfort in low light conditions.
• Tap on either side of the screen or flick to turn pages


You know what would be really funny, Jeff? That Apple introduces a 10" iPod touch at WWDC. [Kindle for iPhone]

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No kidding, I just about give my right nut for a kindle-size Apple tablet thingy. Think of the processing power and memory it could have!

I wonder, then, if Bezos would start charging for the Kindle software.

I am already blown away by the amount and variety of content I now carry in my 32-gig iPod Touch.