Kug Is A Mug That Boils Water Like A Kettle

A couple of guys in their early-20s came up with a product intended for arthritis sufferers, but instead have managed to excite a lot more people in the process. Yes, tea-drinkers can get excited too, especially by a mug/kettle mash-up.

Originally created for their National College of Art and Design course in Ireland, Ben Millett and Alan Harrison's Kug project looks likely to hit stores this year. Inspired by arthritis sufferers who find it difficult lifting a kettle heavy with water, they designed a mug which heats cold water, with the outside layer of the mug holding the heating filament. When docked to the charging-base, it boils the water—and by the looks of their video it could potentially charge 'n boil by USB as well. If Millett and Harrison haven't thought of that yet, that's a freebie from me. [The Kug via Daily Mail via The Design Blog]


Kug Ad from Ben Millett on Vimeo.

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