Laptops Designed by Children

When adults design a laptop for children, it looks like the OLPC or Speak and Spell. When laptops are designed by children they look like the setup above. The PurC PC (Purple Construction Paper PC, my name) was made by an 8-year old girl in the youngster-founded, no-adults-allowed "The Laptop Club".

Alphanumerics are pegged where function keys are normally situated. Below are the real function keys, like, "kitten, dog, cat, bird, collar, lease, hamster, and design pet." There's the unfortunate, "Buy Immediately, shop, order", too. Corruption starts so young. Too bad Fake Steve Jobs already has a patent on Child-Like-Wonder in Computing Device(s)— he told me the C&Ds are in the mail for the lower 98-percentile of the club, and the other 2% are being taken from their parents to be trained as 5th generation Apple designers. There are 8 more models at The Morning News, so check em out. [CNet via TheMorningNews via BoingBoing]


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