Las Vegas Raising a 30-Story Vertical Farm… in My Pants! Hiyo!

Vegas is all about re-creating things that are authentic in completely synthetic and artificial ways, so it's no surprise that the fine people of that horrible hellhole are planning to create a farm unlike any farm you've ever seen. That's because it'll be a vertical farm, reaching 30 stories into the air and providing food for 72,000 people a year.

The $200 million project would be funded by the casinos (who else?), so the food would be going right to them rather than to, say, poor people who are hungry. It'll make food costs lower for them and their awesome, awesome buffets. It could potentially make $25 million a year in addition to $15 million a year of potential tourist revenue. If it gets built and is successful look for vertical farms to pop up in less sleazy towns with the food going to people who actually need it, rather than tracksuit-wearing, fannypack-accessorizing, overweight Midwestern tourists. [Nextenergynews via Slashfood]


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