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Last Minute Guide to Saving Money on Windows 7

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Tomorrow's launch is the big day if you want to get in on Windows 7 deals, so Prof. Dealzmodo is hooking you up with a handy, up to the minute guide packed with tips on how to save money.



Once you have looked over everything Windows 7 has to offer and decided (correctly) that the upgrade is worth getting, the first thing you have to do is figure out which version is right for you. The Real Cost of Upgrading to WIndows 7 will help you answer that question along with tips on how to cheaply upgrade your hardware if necessary. You also have the option of purchasing OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) copies at a significant discount if you are willing to sacrifice transferable PC keys and support. NewEgg is a great place to score OEM disks.


If you are a college student there is even better news—you can still get real deal Windows 7 on a Ramen budget with the deal Microsoft is throwing your way. If you are a student at an American university or you have a working university email, you can get Windows 7 Home Premium or Pro for only $30. Even if you don't currently attend college, many of you might still have a valid email. Make sure and check before you go and waste money on a full price copy.


If you have decided to get your copy of Windows 7 along with some brand new hardware, launch day is a great time to hunt for deals on laptops and desktops. Here are a few great deals already coming down the pipeline:

• Best Buy will offer a HP Slimline laptop, HP mini netbook, 18.5" LCD monitor and Netgear Wireless-G router package with Windows 7 (includes Geek Squad setup) for $1200. This is one hell of a deal—pre-orders are already being taken on Best Buy's website.


• Customers who buy a new PC running Windows 7 Home Premium can upgrade a Windows XP or Windows Vista-based PC they already own with a discounted box copy of Windows 7. This offer will run through Jan. 2, 2010.

• Dell is offering $100 off on a Dell Studio XPS13

• The Acer AZ5610-U9072 23" Touch All-in-One will be priced at $880

Techdealdigger has some great deals on laptops including a 17.3-inch HP with Core 2 Duo processor, 4GB RAM, 320GB HDD and Windows 7 Premium for $550, and a 16-inch HP with Core i7 processor, 3GB RAM, 320GB HDD and 64-bit Windows 7 Home Premium for $800.


• Check out the Windows home page tomorrow. Word on the street is that they will be showcasing several deals from retailers.

Chances are there will be deals going on everywhere you look, so make sure to shop around before you buy. If you are patient enough, the potential for a glut of Windows 7 PC inventory could translate into even better holiday deals.


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one thing: the student deal is an "upgrade" version. Not sure how this will work with those of us with less than legit versions of windows on our computer. especially if those not legit versions are installed in bootcamp....since I don't think upgrading from XP to Win 7 within an existing bootcamp partition is a good idea. #windows7