Leak: HTC Pyramid Sounds Like a Big 'Un With Dual-Core Processor and 4.3-Inch qHD Display

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Tales of a Super-Android-Phone, the HTC Pyramid, have hit the web hard. There's talk it could be HTC's first dual-core handset, supposedly running on a 1.2GHz Snapdragon. Disappointingly, it could be another one for Big Hands Only, at 4.3-inches.


AndroidAndMe has heard from several sources who've confirmed it's headed T-Mobile's way in May, which means we may well see it at the Mobile World Congress trade show in two weeks' time—though this show is largely Euro-centric, so that's not guaranteed.

The dual-core processor has been said to be the MSM8x60 shown off at CES, which is likely the same processor rumored for the HTC Thunderbolt. As for the display the qHD panel has been pointed at, with a 960 x 540 resolution (or so thinks AndroidAnd Me anyway, based on the specs of Motorola's Atrix).


You don't have to tell me twice that this phone, if legit, could be very special. However, as the Thunderbolt is also said to have a dual-core processor and 4.3-inch display it's possible this could be a very similar phone, just for different carriers. [AndroidAndMe]

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since when is a 4.3" screen only made for big hands? my wife's hands are like half the size of mine and she loves her EVO 4G. says the big screen is the best.