Leaked Display May Be Definitive Proof of iPad 3 Double Resolution

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MacRumors claims that they have scored an iPad 3 display. According to their analysis, the new iPad—which should be well into production at this point—will have two times the current generation's resolution: 2,048 x 1,536 pixels.


Four times the pixels! That's pretty insane.

The current 9.7-inch iPads have 1024 x 768 pixels. That's a density of 132 pixels per inch. If this part turns out to be the real McCoy, the iPad 3 will have two times this resolution: 263.84ppi. It's not the 326ppi of the iPhone 4, but it's really high.

If true, the new iPad 3 will have a razor-sharp display. So sharp that you will not to see the pixels from a normal reading distance (which would allow Apple to call it Retina Display, according to their definition).

If the iPad 3 really ends with this new display, a similar panel may also make its way to a next generation MacBook Air 11-inches. This new generation of high density screens—along with the new OS X's HiDPI mode already present in the latest Lion update—may also signal a similar resolution jump in the incoming MacBook Pro 2012. [MacRumors]


I swear to God this is a real comment from Engadget:

"Why do they need that? How closely do you look at a phone anyway, and come on, wouldn't the battery life really hurt? The current ipad screen is 128dpi, and my 23" computer monitor is 96dpi, yet looks just fine. I don't see a reason for anything higher than that. Heck, my old 19" one had a dpi of 86, and that was still ok."

This is the typical mindset of an Engadget commenter. Unbelievably stupid. This is the type of commenter that Engadget coddles and supports. What a wasted investment by AOL.