Leaked Look at Palm's Tablet Contender: Is This the PalmPad?

Fox News is reporting that that these spec sheets are the first look at Palm's rumored webOS tablet, PalmPad. Apparently at CES we'll see not just one but three versions of the slates, which will run on Sprint's 4G network.

Other details Fox is reporting: mini-HDMI and USB 3.0 ports, 1.3MP and 3MP front and rear-facing cameras with LED flashes. All that in a 1.25 pound frame and will probably sport 9.7-inch displays, with the three models offering "minor hardware differences." All will run the brand-new webOS 2.5.1. A fourth (slightly smaller model) is also in the works, but won't make a CES appearance.


The timing lines up with what we'd heard before, although some of the details (a USB 3.0 port on a tablet?) are a little surprising. For now, without actual pictures of the device, there's not much we can surmise other than that the PalmPad looks like it's got the hardware to compete. The real question, though, is what webOS brings to the tablet table. Apparently we'll see for ourselves in just a couple of weeks. [Fox News]

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