Verizon's roadmap for late summer/early fall 2012 has reportedly leaked, and it includes a few interesting rumors.

First of all, it squashes the dreams of those hoping to see a new iPhone at WWDC, and puts Apple's next-gen smartphone on the docket for a fall release. But before that, we're apparently going to see a handful of big-name Android devices, the foremost of which is the Samsung Galaxy SIII. Verizon passed on the SII, and instead included the Samsung Galaxy Nexus in its lineup. While it appears the SIII will go on sale over the summer, the exact timing is not entirely clear.


The alleged roadmap shows that HTC has a Galaxy Note competitor up its sleeve—a pretty massive phone with a 5-inch display, 1080p HD playback, a new quad-core chipset, HTC Sense 5, and of course, a stylus.

None of this has actually been confirmed from Verizon, but if it's true, the rest of 2012 is looking pretty good for the carrier. [BGR]