Learn How to Shoot the Sky Like the Astronomy Photographer of the Year Winners

While each of the Astronomy Photographer of the Year awards photos are mind-blowingly good, the context surrounding each photo is perhaps even more interesting. From equipment used, to how they'd reshoot given half a chance, it's a fascinating look sky-wards.

In the gallery below you can see how the overall winner of the Royal Observatory's competition shot his "Blazing Bristlecone" snap, along with the deep space and solar system category-winners, and even how the 14-year-old Indian winner of the young astronomer category took his photo of an eclipse with a seven-year-old 3.2MP Nikon camera.


The photos are on display between the 10th of September and 27th of February at the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, London. [Digital Journal of PhotographyThanks, Life, Panoramic!]

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