Lego Giant Kraken Destroys Darth Vader's Super Star Destroyer

Illustration for article titled Lego Giant Kraken Destroys Darth Vader's Super Star Destroyer

Adding giant monsters. That's how you make a good Lego Star Wars model even better. Now I'm hoping that the new J.J. Abrams' movie includes vicious behemoths destroying starships (which, given the Empire Strikes Back's asteroid chase precedent and Abrams' love for monsters, seems like a certain possibility).


This is the story of the model, according to its author, Iain Heath:

This whole build came about thanks to my crazy boss Chris Stolte (above left) who is also a LEGO fan. One day the Super Star Destroyer box just appeared on my desk :-). At first we talked about having people at work help construct it. Then we kind of forgot about it. But the product release that our company has been focused on for the past year is code-named "Kraken", so I figured it'd be fun to customize the set around that theme.

When not appearing at conventions, the model's permanent home will be the head offices of Tableau Software in Fremont, Seattle. So if you wanna see it in person, you'd better come work for us! We have crazy shit like this going on all the time.

I wish my boss was a Lego nuthead too. [Flickr]


Jesus Diaz

I love the explosions done with 1x1 orange plates.