Lego Minifig Ice Pop Mold Makes Something Cool Even Cooler

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As you wait for your eggs to boil, timed perfectly with your Lego minifig egg timer, why not throw down a few minifig-shaped ice pops to stay cool? With this $13 tray from Lego, that wild fantasy can become a reality, today. The silicon tray makes three minifig ice pops, which you can eat or place in a Lego castle to recreate the witch death scene from the Wizard of Oz. Your choice. Lastly, as you have probably already figured out, sans sticks this mold doubles as a minifig ice tray too. Just be sure to eat the correct minifigs when the time comes. Little plastic people and lemonade just don't mix, no matter how tasty that concoction may appear to the avid Lego collector. [Lego via OhGizmo]


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@Drew P Draws: The ice-bricks already exist! Seen then around a year ago in the Lego store in Cologne, Germany. They have the "prongs" but not the holes though... cool anyhow!

I did buy the lego fridge magnets... which are awesomly strong and allow you to post your best lego creations on your fridge door...