LEGO Mousetrap Makes Mice Hate Danish Cheese

This LEGO mousetrap by Jason Allemann is pure, classic simplicity made of bricks. Created with LEGO technic, the trap measures 30 x 16 x 24 studs, and captured two mice that had decided to live in his home (one in the picture above.) The mechanism itself is quite simple:


1) mice get inside to get food
2) mice step onto a pressure plate
3) pressure plate pulls an axle out of the door
4) door closes immediately caging mice inside
5) kill mice
6) skin mice
7) make furry coats and cool sneakers for a bunch of mini-figs
8) sell clothes to LEGO fans
9) grill mice meat slowly, applying multiple thin layers of teriyaki sauce
10) eat mice


So as you can see, it's not only a perfect pest killer but also a great way to start a LEGO business (ok, Jason says he released the two captured mice in a "not-so-nearby wooded area." Obviously, the guy doesn't have a single idea about business or gourmet cooking.) [True Dimensions via Brothers Brick]


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